March 5, 2020

Corona Virus Update 5.3.2020

Dear Parents,

As you all know, we have taken precautions this week because of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19). Whilst it does not seem there are many cases in Egypt, obviously, we need to be careful.

Some updates.

  • All the students who went on the Mediterranean cruise are fine and because they had been to Italy, the Ministry of Health is involved. The Ministry phoned all of them at home 2 days ago to check they were well. The not so good news is that with the Ministry involved they have to complete the 14 days home isolation, but these are the rules.
  • At school we have paid particular attention to cleaning and encouraging the children to wash their hands. We have also stopped signing in school staff with fingerprints and are now using cards.
  • The clinics have been very active following up on children and staff who had travelled abroad during the holiday and checking their temperatures. 37.5°C or more and we take action. No one, so far this week, has shown any flu-type symptoms.
  • We have set up a temporary isolation room near to the second clinic in the Sports Hall and anyone (child or adult) that seems to be unwell or is hot is checked in that clinic and if necessary, isolated. So far, we have only had one case of a cold – good news.
  • We were pro-active and cancelled overseas trips, and this week the organizers of the Italy football trip have cancelled, as have the BSME games in Abu Dhabi and the MUN in Greece. Other countries like France, of course, are not possible.
  • Not everything is cancelled, some events like sports day will be rescheduled and we are already thinking about when (possibly early next year) we can run some of the trips.
  • We have plans in place and are ready for on-line learning if needed. We are particularly aware that our senior students in both schools have exam deadlines coming up.


  • Should I be really worried for my child?

Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. If a child catches the virus it is unlikely to be any more serious than a cold or flu.

  • Why is there such concern?

Because currently there is no vaccine for the virus and if a family member gets the illness they can easily pass it on to other members of the family and friends. Unfortunately, as we have seen worldwide it can travel fast, so in places like schools, many children can quickly become infected.

  • How can I protect my child and family?

Over and over again medical authorities are emphasising hand washing, and being less affectionate(!) less hugging and kissing! Masks don’t do much except special masks that are made for health care workers.

We’ll send you a regular update to keep you informed and please, please, check reliable websites and sources of information, not rumours and wild opinions! In the meantime we do recommend the NHS website:

With all best wishes.

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