March 18, 2019

Great Achievement for El Alsson Students

This half term, our different school teams have competed in several sports for boys and girls and did remarkably well achieving great successes and high level of performance.

During Christmas break, over 40 students traveled with the annual snow sports trip to Switzerland. Most students had no experience with snow sports and never skied before. Throughout the week students has been introduced to skiing and snow activities in a fun manner. By the end of the week all students learned how to mountain ski and finished with a slalom snow race which was an extreme raise of their ability and confidence. Students have enjoyed the ski experience and would love to go back and progress even more. Well done for mastering the completing the new experience happily and with confidence.

During Christmas break, our U18 boys and girls football teams took part in the annual Football tournament in El Gouna. Al teams played a very high level of Football impressing everyone with the Football quality they have performed. Well done

Our first Athletics event was at BISC on 1st February. Throughout the races, our performance as a team improved massively and our team’s spirit was increasing. Both Boys’ and Girls’ teams were linking up nicely and were not giving up but battling hard in maintaining possession. We just needed some more practice to prove how able our young boys and girls are. Finishing 3rd place overall with such a young team is something we are very proud of.

On 2nd February, our under 16 boys squad took part in the annual Basketball CISSA tournament at BISC. There were four boys’ teams. Boys had to compete against all teams in the and some games were very tough. Boys were up to the challenge and played some fantastic Basketball and won all games finishing as Champions of the day.

On 8th February our U14 boys and girls Football teams took part in the CISSA west competition, both teams played very high levels of Football impressing every one with the quality of performance. Both teams finished as the Champions of the tournament. Well done to all, you are such a promising generation.


On 9th February, our under 9 boys and girls Football teams took part in their first local invitation competition in BISC. As always both boys and girls have performed some good team work and enjoyed a good day of Football promising to be the future generation. Both boys and girls finished the day as Champions of their tournaments.

On 9th February, the under 18 girls Basketball team played their final tournament before they graduate. Girls have played a high standard of basketball dominating every game and winning smoothly one of their best Basketball tournaments. Very well done you will be greatly missed. El Alsson will always be proud of such talented generation.

On 15th February, the under 11 girls Football team played in the invitation tournament hosted in BISC. Girls have surprised everyone and played some wow Football, won every game and where clearly the strongest team of the tournament. Well done for such performance and congratulations for First Place Trophy.

Our under 14 boys and girls Basketball teams have taken part in their annual CISSA Basketball tournament on 15th February hosted in AISW. The day has proved to be one of the hardest and highest level of Basketball tournaments, it was very competitive and every team worked hard and felt that they deserve to win the day. Proudly our teams have focused to play to their best standards, impressed all schools, proved to be fine teams and both teams finished as the Champions of the day.

A huge well done to every single student who took part and played a role in achieving such success, El Alsson is lucky to have such talented athletes and will always support them to achieve their full potential.


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