November 30, 2016

Launching the Instrumental lessons for 2016-2017

Instrumental lessons: El Alsson FAQ’s


How do I request lessons?

Take a consent form to Miss Ola in Primary reception. You can collect one from Miss Ola or print one from the bottom of this document.


How much are lessons?

100 LE per lesson payable in advance in half termly blocks.

For example, to start lessons in term one (Weeks 5 -9         25 September 2016 – 27 October 2016) the cost will be 500 LE for 5 lessons and needs to be paid just after the Eid break (25-29 September).

Once you have agreed to take the lessons you are committed to take them and the fees cannot be refunded unless you give two weeks’ notice.


How do I pay?

Miss Ola In primary Reception. Money can be paid directly to her and she will arrange your lessons.


When do I pay?

Payment should be made one week before the beginning of a teaching block. Paying later causes many problems including the timetabling and ensuring that we have the teacher in place at the right time.


Can I have a trial lesson?

A trial lesson can be arranged with one week’s notice. It costs the same as all other lessons – 100 LE. – But does not commit you to continuing.


How many lessons do I need?

Music is not like a driving test. It is one of the most exciting things that you will do and you will continue to do for the rest of your life. Your learning has no end and you decide when you have had enough lessons. Obviously, the more you work and the more you learn the better to you will be.  You choose.


How will I know when my lessons are?

Once you have paid for the lessons, Miss Ola will organize your timetable and send you a copy. This will be published on the notice board showing the lesson time and which room it will be in.

In primary a matron will come, collect the student and also take the student back afterwards.

In secondary, it is the student’s responsibility to let his or her subject teacher know in advance and take themselves to the lesson.


What happens if I am ill and cannot make my lesson?

Your teacher has been booked. He or she has prepared for your lesson, driven in and taken time off from doing other work. You still have to pay. BUT…..

Phone the day before and/or send an email. Ola can often reschedule the lessons so you do not lose out.  If you leave it until the morning there is nothing we can do. We always try to ensure you receive all lessons.


What will happen if my teacher is ill?

At the beginning of the day you will be informed. Go to your normal lessons and your teacher will make up for the missed lesson at another time or you will be refunded.


Can I play electric guitar?



Is there any instrument I cannot play?

In principle, any instrument is possible, but we have to find a suitable teacher and this can be a problem at times. For example, we have not come across anybody who teaches Irish bagpipes – but then we do not know anybody that wants to play that. More common instruments such as Saxophone, Oud, Harmonica, or Tuba might be easier. We will endeavor to find an appropriate instructor.


How will I know what progress I am making?

Each visiting teacher records very briefly what has been covered in a lesson. This information is kept in a file which can be looked at by anybody interested. Each student is also given a ‘practice book’ in which notes are made about what they need to practice and what they have covered. They keep this book with them to take home and to bring to each lesson. It also serves as a communication between the teacher and the parent.


When can I start?

Our teaching schedule is divided into 5 blocks which closely match half terms in the school year.

Week 5 -9           25 September 2016 – 27 October 2016                 (Not 3 Oct. Not 6 Oct)

Week 12 – 17     13 November 2016 – 22 December 2016              (Not 12 Dec)

Week 21 – 25     15 January 2017 – 16 February 2017                      (Not 19 Jan. Not 25 Jan)

Week 28 – 32      5 March 2017 –   6 April 2017

Week 36 – 39      30 April 2017 – 25 May 2017                                    (Not 1 May)

If you have chosen an instrument for which we do not currently have a teacher, we will contact you as soon as we find one.


Which lessons do I miss?

You will be given a timetable guaranteeing you will not miss more than one lesson per subject each half term. If you have any free periods or wish to have a lesson in the lunch break we will try and fit you in there but this is not always possible.


There are some subjects I never want to miss.

Unfortunately we do not have the flexibility to promise this.


How much time should I practice at home?

Doing no practices will mean each lesson is a bit like starting again. This is boring for you and for the teacher. The more you practice the quicker you will progress and the music will become increasingly interesting and exciting. Technically, the bare minimum is 15 minutes a day.


Do I have to learn how to read music first?

No. Your teacher will decide on a suitable strategy for learning to read music.


 I only want to play rock. Is that all right?



Can I practice in school?

In secondary we have three practice rooms. These can be booked out by contacting David Eyres. Drum kits, guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers microphones and PA can be arranged. You need to use your own instruments such as guitars, leads etc. We do not provide leads.


 I do not have an instrument, can I borrow one?

You are expected to provide your own instruments for the lessons. These can be bought from any music shop.  We are negotiating with a trusted music shop to arrange for hire directly, but it is generally cheaper to buy the instrument yourself and in the event of this student stopping, resell to other pupils. The school does have some Spanish guitars that can be borrowed providing you put new strings on them. There is a deposit of 150LE required and this can be fully refunded when the instrument is returned in a suitable condition. We also have some violins which can be borrowed with a deposit of 150 LE. There is no need to replace the strings on the violins.


 What do I have to bring to my lessons?

Your instrument is essential. Your music practice book and any music or notes. Everything else depends upon what your teacher requires.


What happens if I didn’t enjoy my lessons and I would like to stop?

You must give 2 weeks’ notice.


I have had one lesson, but now I have changed my mind.

Your payment for the lessons is nonrefundable. You must give two weeks’ notice to stop. It is recommended, however, that you attend all your allocated sessions.


Can I learn more than one instrument?

Although we would love to have you learning more than one instrument, it would probably require removing you from too many academic lessons and your whole education is important. Except in very special circumstances this will not be possible.


What is the best instrument for me to learn?

You choose. You will improve much better playing something that excites you and allows you to develop passion.




Tel: 002-02-33888510#154



Tel: 002-02-33888510#308


Kindly sing up maximum by Tuesday September 20th.



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