February 22, 2021

Ministry Exams Update

Dear Parents,

We appreciate your patience as we have awaited clarification from our local zone authorities with regards to mid-year exams in Arabic Studies subjects (Arabic, Religion, National Social Studies).


Grades 4-8, 10-11 / Years 5-9, 11-12

There will be no mid-year exams administered for these grades/years. Instead, students will sit for an end of year exam in Religion, National Social Studies and Arabic in addition to monthly assessments in March, April and May.

Grade 12 / Year 13 (Thanweya Amma)

The Thanaweya Amma exams are scheduled for July this year (specific dates yet to be confirmed). This year, these exams will be held on the school campus. We do ask that Grade 12/ Year 13 students refrain from making any summer travel plans that may interfere with their ability to sit these exams in person until such a time as the dates of these exams are set.

If you have any questions about ministry related exams, please contact our Ministry exams officers: Tharwat Sayed for Primary/Elementary; (thsayed@alsson.com) Nagwa Kandil for Secondary (nkandil@alsson.com).

Additionally for students in Years 11,12 and 13 in the British School, we can now confirm that the Spring Preparation Examinations will now take place between 7th and 11th March for Year 11 and between 21st and 23rd March for Years 12 and 13. Further information will be sent to students in Years 11,12 and 13 and parents in the coming days about these examinations.

Kind Regards,

Allison Fleet & Matt Topliss

School Principals


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