April 8, 2021

New Calendar 2021-2022 now posted

Dear Parents,

Please find below the term dates for next year. Please be aware that all public and religious holidays are subject to change and that the current dates for non-religious holidays fall on the designated date in this calendar but that these holidays may move to the Thursday or Sunday of the week that the holiday falls in as per recent guidance in Egypt.

Kind Regards

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet and Mr Matt Topliss

School Directors and Principals


August 29, 2021                  Students back to School

October 6, 2021                   Armed Forces Day

19 October. 2021                 Prophet’s Birthday

24-28 October, 2021           Half Term Holiday

25 November, 2021             Thanksgiving

19 December to 6 January  Christmas Break

17 January, 2022                  Coptic Epiphany

25 January, 2022                 25th of January Holiday

27 Feb.-3 May, 2022           Half Term Holiday

17 April, 2022                      Western Eater/Coptic Palm Sunday

21 April, 2022                       Maundry Thursday

24 April -5 May, 2022        Easter Break

21 June, 2022                      Last Day for Students

23 June, 2022                      Last Day for Staff

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