At El Alsson School we truly value our home to school links and parent partnerships, (our sense of belonging to a school ‘family’ as so many of our alumni have said). In the coming years we would like to develop this positive relationship further.
Our school vision and mission aims to ‘develop successful citizens for the 21st century.’ – In order to best achieve this, the combining of all our positive attributes and skills is desirable. We are here to help and guide your children through this formative stage of their lives as well as to help you, as families, should you ever desire our help or advice. If we work together with your child’s best interests at heart, at all times, they will achieve so much more. We believe that you are a very important, and most likely the most important people in your children’s lives and that you have enormous potential to help us succeed in our mission. Become a parent volunteer now!

Parental Expectations:

In order for parents to keep up to date / stay informed with what is required of them to maximise the home to school partnership parents need to:
•    Check out the ‘Parents’ section of the website (if joining the school for the first time).
•    Regularly check our school websites for information, curriculum updates, newsletters and events information.
•    Read the Student – Parent Handbooks, which are full of useful information.
•    Ensure awareness and involvement in your child’s welfare by knowing what our expectations are (Behaviour Policy / Code of Conduct / School Regulations).
•    Attend school orientations, progress and parent – teacher meetings.
•    Inform the school of any change of circumstances that we need to know about regarding your child’s welfare / family circumstances.
•    Attend school events (in which your child is involved).
•    Inform the school of any concerns regarding your child or the school.
•    Give us feedback (positive or negative) and suggestions of how to improve our partnership / school.

Parent Volunteers Service

We understand that many parents wish to be more involved in school community events and we encourage this. Here is a sample list of ways you can be more actively involved in your child’s school life. This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive:
•    Reading helpers.
•    Day trip helpers (can be same year group / class but not with a group that contains your child).
•    Residential trip helpers (not with your child’s year group as part of it is the ethos if being away from home / being responsible / encouraging independence – unless for a specific medical reason).
•    School break duty helpers.
•    Helping with /setting up community service projects.
•    A resource for information or contacts about relevant subjects / areas of interest.
•    Helping with sports team training or sponsorship.
•    Attending away matches (local or international) as supporters.
•    Helping with / conducting after school activities.
•    Giving educational talks / projects connected with your field of expertise.
•    Offering work experience / voluntary placements for students to gain knowledge of the workplace / field in which you work ahead of their subject / ‘life’ choices.
•    Helping / being involved in with school events such as the Carnival / performing arts productions.
•    Being ‘judges’ for curriculum initiatives / projects such as economic (‘Dragon’s Den) or science fairs, etc.

When you take part in school activities, you will be briefed of the instructions / expectations in advance by senior management or the teacher in charge. If you are interested, have the time and are committed to helping us in any of the ways above or have any other suggestions. We are always open to ideas.
We may also contact you if we know you have a relevant field of expertise or have helped before in a certain area. Please do not feel obliged to say yes if you have other commitments. We do understand and are grateful, for any help / time you can spare.

Many parents and alumni are and have been, involved in many ways to date, and we thank you very much for this. Your contribution to your children’s education and welfare / your former school is most appreciated by staff, students and other parents alike.

To fill out a Parent Volunteer application form, please click on the link below

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