March 13, 2020

School Closes Sunday March 15th

Dear Parents,

Following the very dramatic weather this weekend we are announcing the that school will be CLOSED ON SUNDAY 15TH.

We have several major problems for us to make that decision:

  1. The school is always cleaned and made ready every Saturday. We know that many of our cleaners will not be able to get to work tomorrow and this is particularly serious as we do a deep clean each Saturday because of the virus.
  2. The city is currently in a very serious state and it is unlikely that all the problems on the roads will be solved tomorrow. We do not want to try and bring in 2,200 children and staff on Sunday when the road conditions are very dangerous.
  3. The access roads to the school are completely flooded including the parking and bus areas. Inside the school we are dealing with large amounts of water in playgrounds and on sports areas, let alone the water that has come into the school from the plazas and courtyards. We’re doing our best, but we need to be sure power systems and waste pumps are working and everything is safe before the children come back.
  4. Finally, we could be facing a big problem if half the children and half the teachers get in on Sunday. It will be simply chaotic trying to look after the students.

With all best wishes. We hope the storm has not affected you too badly.

Colin Rogers, Karim Rogers. Soumaya Amr.

The Directors

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