March 14, 2020

School Closure for 2 Weeks

Saturday 14th March.

Dear Parents,

We are sure that you have all heard that by Presidential decree, all schools are to close for two weeks from tomorrow.

We have anticipated this and have already put measures in place for students to be able to continue lessons at home via e-learning. Tomorrow, we will send you comprehensive information about how this happens and what to do if you or child need support.

Similarly, as communication is going to be somewhat difficult in the next two weeks we will also send you a list of who to contact for what and how to contact them.

Most importantly, we need to be sure that all parent information and contacts are up-to-date so please will you fill in the Google link if you think any of your information, and in particular email contact is not up-to-date in the school. This really is essential so we can communicate easily.

E-learning will begin on Monday once we have completed all the final details tomorrow.

Difficult times for all of us as a school community and for the country. We will be in contact with you tomorrow with all the information you need.

With best wishes

Colin Rogers, Karim Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Allison Fleet and Matt Topliss.

Directors and Principals

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