At El Alsson, sports play a very important role. We offer our students a wide range of activities and sports during our sports lessons as well as after school sports.

Primary / Elementary Sports

Sports at El Alsson School consist of the American & British P.E. Curriculums (see curriculum overviews), clubs offered during after school activities and our sports teams who compete with teams from other schools here and overseas annually.
We have teams for girls and boys football, basketball, netball, and handball.
Our activities include these and other sports such as hockey, karate, horseback riding.
Athletics is taught during one of the P.E. blocks and culminates in a sports day (younger students) or sports week (older students).
Dance and orientation skills are also taught as part of the P.E. curriculum and as after school activity clubs.
Teamwork and sportsmanship are important skills that are learned through sports as well as other areas of the curriculum.
Student success in sports taken outside of school is also celebrated at school in our morning assemblies.

We also have an annual Sports Day for the Early Years students as well as an annual Sports Week for the Primary / Elementary students. During these Sports’ Days a selection of athletic and fun events at close of athletics scheme of work period for students with parents to attend. Students compete in teams representing their houses; Karnak, Thebes, Memphis and Siwa.

Organized Teams fielded by the school and level of competition:

We are part of the CISSA – Cairo International School Sports Association and are ranked in the Top 8 well established schools in Cairo. The Heads of physical education for all members have regular meetings, tournaments and events.
When we join tournaments locally, it is via CISSA. Other than that, we hold friendly tournaments at school break times, in other clubs and internationally.

After School Sports Activities

During our after school activities season, we offer after school Sports activities, including Football, Volleyball, Rugby, and Basketball as well as Horse riding. We also encourage our students to experience new sports such as skiing by which we have 2 skiing trips a year to Switzerland; one for Primary and Middle School and the other for Senior School.

Average hours per week students participate in sports

Mandatory Physical Education classes are 120 minutes, once a week for senior school students and 80 minutes, once a week for primary school students + an additional 12 hours annually optional after school sports.

Senior School Sports Day