Trips outside of school form an integral and influential part in the development of all our students. Even if the trip appears to be ‘just for fun’, most trips have a specified curricular purpose, such as learning the history of Ancient Egypt at the tombs and temples of Luxor or examining the tourism industry in El Gouna for GCSE Geography. Others develop individual skills and character, such as the Ski Trips, or combine theses with skills to support learning and further progress, such as preparing for university admissions during the Sixth Form trip to Europe.
To get a real flavour of these trips, have a look in our media centre under the ‘About’ section of the website.

Primary/Elementary Trips

Topic / science visits

These will usually involve a visit to venues like the Wadi Environmental Science Centre (WESC), or science / history museums.

Inter School Activities

These visits will usually be sport based, e.g. sports matches, which requires one school to go to the site of another.

Cultural Visits

These will usually involve a visit to venues like theatres, art galleries and museums.

Residential visits

These are trips where the group leaves home or Cairo on an overnight basis in order to experience the environment / visit places / view & study artifacts elsewhere in the country usually connected with topics they are studying.

Foreign Visits

These are trips where the group leaves mainland Egypt. They can involve adventure activities, sports activities or be for cultural reasons or to improve language skills. Such trips will usually involve substantial use of transport, which could include vehicles, ships or aeroplanes.

Senior School Trips

Many trips are ‘local’ visits during the school day, which tie-in with the curriculum across a number of subject areas. These include:
•    trips to the various pyramid/tomb sites and complexes along the Giza plateau
•    trips to Old Cairo
•    trips to Giza Zoo
•    trips to the Coca-Cola factory
•    trips to Recycling centres
•    trips to Art galleries, museums and drama/music performances
•    visits to universities and university/careers fairs
•    attending conferences for a number of issues, including business development, human rights and animal welfare
•    we arrange a number of science-related trips for students in various Year groups or Grade levels with WESC, to their Field Studies Centre as well as either inside or outside Cairo
•    we arrange regular visits to some of the orphanages and other charity projects we support, so that students can be fully involved and engaged, not just as ‘fund-raisers’
Other trips are for longer periods of time, and to destinations outside of Cairo. There are a number of ‘annual’ trips, which include:
•    Junior and Senior Ski trips
•    Sixth Form and Senior trips – usually to Europe
•    Yr.8 French/History trip to Paris
•    GCSE Business Studies trip to London
•    GCSE Geography fieldwork trip to El Gouna
•    MUN conferences
•    BSME Performing Arts workshops
•    we also organise team-building, leadership and academic preparation trips for a number of different groups, Year groups and Grade levels, to a number of locations along the Red Sea coast
There are also many other trips arranged to enhance the curriculum, explore current events or for sporting and other opportunities, which include:
•    trips to Alexandria, El Alamein, Luxor and the Sinai
•    GCSE Drama trip to London
•    Grade 10 History trip to France/Belgium
•    Grade 11 Economics trip to London
•    A-Level Physics trip to CERN, Switzerland
•    sports matches and tournaments inside and outside Egypt
•    Operation smile missions – Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, India
•    ACE animal care hospital, Luxor