May 19, 2014

Year 9 INSIGHT tests

Dear Parents


Your son or daughter will be undertaking some computer- based tests at school during the week beginning 25 May 2014. At El Alsson we take the assessment of our students’ work very seriously and feel that this examination assessment is needed for all our Year 9 students. This letter is to explain the purpose of these tests.


At our school, Year 9 students complete INSIGHT tests which are operated by the Centre of

Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University. CEM has been involved in testing and the

assessment of students for 25 years and currently tests over 700,000 secondary students in

Britain each year. They are a highly regarded part of one of the world’s best universities and

their work can certainly be trusted.


INSIGHT tests measure how well a student is performing in reading, maths and science as well as giving an indication of each student’s more generally developed intelligence. The INSIGHT tests will take place in the students’ normal lessons and are computer-based. They will provide our teachers with useful assessment information. These tests do not require any revision and therefore should not be a source of any worry.


INSIGHT will provide each student with a level in the National Curriculum and will tell us where in the level each student is currently operating. In fact, the INSIGHT level will provide valuable information to allow us to make GCSE predictions for each course studied next year.


I am convinced that the INSIGHT tests play a role in the assessment of our students. If you have any questions related to them, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.


Mr Fasail Yasin

Head of British Secondary School/Vice Principal


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